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BH Foundation

An Appeal and Peace Initiative

to remember Dr. Bhupen Hazarika

On the occasion of Asom Ratna and Padma Vibhushan Dr. Bhupen Hazarika’s 86th birthday on the 8th of September 2012, to honor his life, love and work for Assam, we are requesting that you, as an individual or as a group, physically or online, do something* safe and meaningful on this day; pause to remember him and resolve to realize his dream for stability, growth and prosperity for the people of the state of Assam and it’s neighbors.

*Consider that doing any one of these suggestions is making a collective prayer and wish that, with Bhupen Da’s as well as all our ancestors’ blessings, may peace and compassion break out throughout Assam and world.Â

Here are a few suggestions (for individuals or for group of individuals):

1. Share this message with all your friends and loved ones, whether they knew of him or not, in person, by phone and online.

2. Take your young ones to the Samadhi Sthal, Jalukbari- Guwahati, Assam, on 8th September 2012 at daytime, pay your homage and fly rainbow/multicolored balloons into the sky.

3. Those with online social networking media, may post the following message “Let my song redeem one’s faith in a world of cynicism •

4. Let it sing the praise of truth in place of idle dreams”
—from Dr. Bhupen Hazarika’s “Moor Gan Houk…..”

4. Offer a Xorai or light a candle and offer clouds of incense in your home.

5. Play one of his songs while you do this, to carry the flavor and message of this year’s celebration.

6. Plant a tree or a bush to commemorate your personal resolve for preservation of Unity within Diversity.

7. Bring food to the needy or collect children books, in Assamese or English, for distributing them to needy school children in Assam.

8. Sit or stand quietly, alone or with others, for five minutes in prayer or meditation then dedicate the peace by generating the heartfelt intention that ‘may everyone, without exception, experience joy and fulfillment in their lives’.

9. Play, sing, if you wish, but share these 3 special message songs by Sudhakantha Bhupen Hazarika.
We suggest you pause to reflect quietly on the meaning of these songs and share the attached translations with your friends and families.

Ami Oxomiya Nohou Dukhiya (We the People of Assam Will Never be Poor …BUT…)

Written, music composed and sung by Bhupenda

Mor Gan Houk (Let my song be)
Mor Gan Houk (Let my song be)- You tube

Written, music composed and sung by Bhupenda

Manuhe, Mahuhor Babe (People for People)

Written, music composed and sung by Bhupenda

10. Share and print the attached Bhupenda photograph.

11. Share and print the attached logo designed by Rabin Bar, offered here by the kind courtesy of BHLCFA.

12. Whatever other idea you have to do it your own way, please do it.

13. JOIN US in sending out this message yourself by adding your name to the (voluntarily growing) list at bottom of page – open attachment titled APPEAL AND PEACE INITIATIVE, type your name, save, then forward this letter along with the other three attachments (Song Translations, classic portrait photo and BHLCFA Logo) to your friends online. (Some of us took the initiative to do this, now you may join us in sending this birthday wish out to everyone. Thank you).

This message was sent by:

Punnag Tej Hazarika, Candace Hamilton Hazarika, Sage-Akash Hazarika,
Mrs. Priyamvada Hazarika, Sangita Choudhury, Bedanta Sarma, Saurav Choudhury, Kul Goswami Rahman, Stuti Patel, Shishirkana Patel, Arati Barua, Pranab Barua, Syed Ahmed Shah, Syeda Jebeen S. Shah, Satyen and Nomita Das, Rajan and Ajanta Barua, Abhishruti Barua, Ruma Barua, Pranjit & Rajashri Agarwala, Samar Hazarika, Shobha Hazarika, Dawor & Kuwali Hazarika, Ara & Najeeb Mirza, Joor Barua, Angana Barua, Kavita Barua, Niyor Hazarika, Jyoti and Dubori Tapan, Tuhin Sharma, Treen Sharma, Dipankar Jakheria and family




if you want to sign your name, please go to BH Board

Why I propose a brand new popular trust to safeguard and propagate

Dr. Bhupen Hazarika’s Legacy

Dear Fans and Followers of Dr. Bhupen Hazarika,

End of December 2011 the following draft proposal for a new trust for my
father’s legacy was presented to the Govt. of Assam. Since my departure
from Assam on November 26th I had been in touch with my family and
associates drafting the same proposal, the gist of which I am now making
public. While work in the field proceeds unabated, still absent is a
universally accepted trust for Dr. Bhupen Hazarika.

*This public statement
is not a tool to pressurize anyone, including the Govt. of Assam, to accept
my idea; I am releasing this due to the requests and demands of a number of
people in Assam who are evidently concerned about the legacy of Bhupenda.*

Cremating my father was a profound blessing. Like his song, I find myself
on a confluence of oceans. I feel accepted even as something is expected of
me. I opt to honor the motherland through my service. After all I was born
in India and for the knowledge of all who do not know, I have been working
here through various foundations for many years now. So I regret any
disturbance I may have caused people while they grieved. However when I
made my views public, I was only reflecting the public’s perception and
concern about the representation. It surfaced questions and triggered a
necessary forum for previously repressed feelings and positions. Honesty
and transparency should be key elements supporting his legacy. I have my
personal history with my father, my mother, his siblings, and his partner.
I had no choice but to make known my deep reservations and to announce the
formation of a new popular trust.

We project a transparent and democratic organization amenable to
flexibility, longevity and success. It is to operate as a partnership
between the Government of Assam, higher educational institutions,
representatives of cultural and civic groups, leaders of ethnic minorities,
the private sector and siblings of Dr. Bhupen Hazarika. Outlined is a list
of objectives to be fulfilled by working committees. Our structure can be a
turning wheel or a galaxy, take your pick. Whatever the hard realities,
the work must go on. We need your expertise to build this ship.

The GOA should be an important partner and guardian of the trust. Our
popularly grounded umbrella organization should represent, enhance and
publicize the legacy with all parties working towards the same goal. If
each of us puts our heart into making it happen, it can be a reality. I
pledge my diligence, to help build a stable trust out of the willing and
convinced members, advisors, specialists working harmoniously. Cultivating
new alliances in Assam and the North East we will coordinate projects with
communities in North America from New York.

Honorable elders, protectors, guardians, ministers, chairmen, secretaries,
treasurers and record keepers of all denominations, this is a call to rally
around a plan, not around me. I am proposing it on behalf of its core
supporters. More information will flow in the days ahead. Please consider
the pros and cons given the choices. I am soliciting your valuable advice
and endorsement of what I believe to be our mutual cause, path and goal. It
will require hard work, funding from the private sector as well as the
government. But most of all your input and support is crucial for making it
a reality. In anticipation of this foundation, some people have started
pledging their monetary and other forms of support to jump start our
operation. Your help in any specific capacity will be needed. Let us know
how you can help. Meanwhile please share this plan with everyone.

Let us realize the Sudhakontho’s vision for humanity together.

This is the right time to forge a worthy vessel for Dr. Bhupen Hazarika’s

Yours for Assam,

Tej Hazarika

New York

Note : The Document can be viewed by clicking this Link

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